I Happen To Have No Dress In My Cabin (sarah531) wrote in wotw_fans,
I Happen To Have No Dress In My Cabin

The closest to WotW I am likely to come

Well. Last night, I'm about to go to bed and all of a sudden this loud helicopter noise fills the entire house. It's annoying and it doesn't go away, and it carries on for several minutes, occasionally going away and coming back again. Some of the neighbours starting coming outside to see what was going on, and I was suddenly reminded of that first teaser trailer- you know, where everyone goes outside and gets blown up? So, anyway, I stuck my head out of the window to get a better view, and not too far away the helicopter is just hovering there. Since it's so dark outside, all I can see is the yellow lights on the front of it. Then all of a sudden it turns it's searchlights on, and starts shining them around the houses- including right in my window (waaa...) and I note it looks a lot like this picture except obviously on a slightly smaller scale. I dunno why I didn't flee screaming, because the tripods in the movie scared the heck out of me.

Anyway, the helicopter turned the lights off, hung around for a few more minutes then went away. I still have no idea what it was actually doing there...
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